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Poppi Soda is the Health

Although I’ve been very successful in the past several years in switching from being a regular soda user to a consumer of seltzer, I still occasionally like a sugary fizzy drink. Even if soda has a lot of empty calories, I don’t think it’s worth the experience in the end. Naturally, I’m open to trying out novel and unusual flavors—especially if they’re also healthful.

I had to get in touch with Poppi after discovering their sodas. These carbonated beverages provide many of health advantages from apple cider vinegar and are low in calories. They sent me a six-pack of their classic flavors and three poppi classics types so I could try them out and see whether they lived up to the hype.

The Products of poppi soda

Every can of Poppi soft drinks contains one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, which provides the sodas with numerous prebiotic advantages. Prebiotics are fibers that nourish your digestive system’s natural probiotics, which strengthen your body’s defenses against infection. They improve complexion, aid in lowering cholesterol, support a healthy metabolism, balance blood sugar, and increase vitality.

Although you might assume that sodas made with apple cider vinegar would taste unpleasant and bitter, Poppi soda is a master at creating delicious flavors. The sharp bite of apple cider vinegar is mellowed to almost nonexistent with the help of cane sugar, stevia, and fresh fruit juice. Five grams or less of sugar and 20 calories or less are included in each can. Online, 12-packs begin at $29.88.

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Some Poppi Flavors

Poppi Root Beer

This flavor is ideal if you enjoy traditional soda that has been so heavily watered down that it is almost unrecognizable. Don’t get us wrong, we love Poppi—you’ll see that for some of the higher-ranking flavors—but we also like root beer a lot. And goodness knows when it’s good. On the other hand, you should probably avoid it when it’s bad.

Poppi soda Doc Pop

With Poppi’s Doc Pop, we were confused. We thought it was a grape-flavored drink after taking a sip. Actually, it tasted exactly the same. So we were a little taken aback to learn that it was meant to be a cherry and vanilla soda flavor (like Dr. Pepper). Still, there’s no mistaking the taste of this prebiotic soda over regular grape soda.

We wouldn’t be able to distinguish between a standard grape soda and the Poppi Doc Pop flavor if you put them in two different glasses and didn’t tell us which was which. It’s quite remarkable.So, while it failed miserably at cherry and vanilla soda, it succeeded miserably at grape. Still, we’re not exactly fans of grape-flavored drink. (Although it is evident that this flavor far surpasses Poppi’s root beer flavor.)

Watermelon poppi soda

Watermelon is a tasty fruit. It’s sweet, airy, and light in the most delightful way imaginable. Poppi would do well to change the proportions of flavor in their root beer and watermelon drinks, as the former’s watermelon taste was excessively strong. We were unable to take more than a few sips, in fact.

You don’t want to go overboard when trying to capture the spirit of watermelon. We think that’s where this cocktail went awry. It’s definitely too saturated, tasting like you took out all the watermelon essence and left all the water behind. Though we doubt many would find this drink appealing, if you happen to have one in your refrigerator that you don’t want to throw away, try blending it with some frozen fruit, ice, and water to create a cool slushie (be very careful blending carbonated drinks, though; go slow). It would be helpful in such a situation, at least.

Classic Cola poppi soda

We understand what you’re thinking: Nobody’s favorite soft drink could have been flawlessly recreated by a prebiotic soda firm. We believe you would fall in love with Poppi’s Classic Cola flavor, regardless of your preference for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or any other well-known cola brand. We would definitely give this flavor our money since, quite honestly, we can’t believe the manufacturer got the cola flavor exactly right.

It makes sense for a more recent company like Poppi to master (most) of the traditional soda flavors while also offering consumers the chance to sample all-new flavor combinations in order to make a dent in the fiercely competitive soda business. The Classic Cola flavor has been replicated by larger, more illustrious companies in the past, which is why it isn’t ranked higher. It’s a classic, for sure, but the creative taste combinations weren’t as appealing to us as they were for some of the other varieties.

Orange poppi flavor

Although we would like to think that most people are aware of the flavor of popular orange soda, the orange flavor from Poppi would unquestionably serve as a faithful substitute if you are unaware of it for any reason. In this instance, we likewise believe there’s no need to tamper with a working system. Poppi understands why orange soda has been popular for so long. We are happy that the company decided to bring back our childhood favorite soda in a prebiotic form that we adults with digestive problems may appreciate (if you get it, you get it).

A further noteworthy aspect of Poppi is how much we love the packaging. It’s lively, vibrant, artistic, striking, and—above all—quite representative of the tastes of the drinks. If you were picking up a can of Poppi Orange, you wouldn’t think it was anything else. We are grateful for that aspect, for sure.

Raspberry Rose

When we initially came over one of these cans in Target’s drink section, we mistook the label to be “Raspberry Rosé,” like in the catchy tune “Raspberry Beret” by Prince. We still think this drink is fairly entertaining, even though it regrettably isn’t a punny ’80s musical allusion. Furthermore, we are aware that the name “Raspberry Rosé” could be interpreted incorrectly as an alcoholic beverage, which it is not.

Poppi’s Raspberry Rose is, to put it simply, wonderful. With a nod to watermelon, it strikes a nice mix of sweetness and lightness without ever becoming overwhelming. We adore that the rose aroma in this drink is subdued and would happily sip this raspberry-forward beverage any day of the week. We couldn’t put it in our top three because the tastes that followed totally won us over. If you haven’t tried Poppi before, Raspberry Rose is a good option and a safe one.

Cherry Limeade poppi flavor

Lime really does improve everything. Fortunately, the Poppi Cherry Limeade flavor did not taste like an overly sweet cherry-flavored product or like awful cough medicine, which helped it place in our rating of the top three flavors. The cherry and lime flavors in this drink were well balanced, never veering too much in any direction.

In particular, we thought this flavor was fruity and refreshing, and we are eager to drink one on a steamy summer’s day (we can already hear the can crack open). It wouldn’t hurt to sample this flavor even if you aren’t usually the biggest fan of cherry in the hopes that you might alter your mind. Here, the lime really shines and gives us just the right amount of citrus notes. Furthermore, we felt that lime, rather than another citrus, like lemon, would have been a better match for cherries; however, more on that later. Excellent work, Poppi.

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Poppi Soda for teens

If you’re a teen looking for a refreshing and healthy drink option, look no further than Poppi soda. Poppi is a prebiotic soda that offers a unique twist on traditional sodas. With a focus on gut health, Poppi soda contains prebiotics to support a healthy digestive system, making it a great choice for teens who want to make healthier beverage choices. Not only does Poppi soda offer health benefits, but it also comes in a variety of delicious flavors that teens will love. Whether you’re craving classic Cola, tangy Ginger Lime, or zesty Pineapple Mango, Poppi has a flavor for everyone.

Plus, with its low sugar content and natural ingredients, Poppi soda is a guilt-free option for teens who want to enjoy a tasty carbonated drink without the added artificial ingredients and high sugar content found in other sodas. With drink.poppi, teens can enjoy the satisfaction of a fizzy, flavorful drink without the worry of it being detrimental to their health. What’s more, if you’re wondering “Is there a Poppi soda near me?” you’re in luck. Poppi soda is widely available in stores, making it convenient for teens to grab a bottle whenever they’re in need of a refreshing and natural beverage option. Overall, Poppi drinks offer a delicious and health-conscious alternative to traditional sodas, making it an ideal choice for teens who want to make mindful decisions about their dietary habits.

With its probiotic benefits, flavorful options, and widespread availability, Poppi is the perfect soda option for teens who are looking for a beverage that not only tastes great but also supports their overall well-being. So the next time you’re in the mood for a soda, reach for a Poppi and feel good about your drink choice.

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